DomArchive: A Century of Published Dominance Data

DomArchive is a R package compiling dominance interaction data published over a century of research. The goal of the package is to facilitate comparative research on the structure and function of dominance hierarchies. The archive contains 434 agonistic interaction datasets, totaling over 241,000 interactions. For more information including a vignette on how to use the dataset see DomArchive on GitHub.


Compete: Organizing and Analyzing Social Dominance Hierarchy Data

Compete is an R package for analyzing competitive social interaction data and social hierarchies. It is available on GitHub. See my primer on using this package to analyze dominance hierarchies.


hierformR: Analysis of Hierarchy Formation Dynamics

hierformR is an R package written in collaboration with Prof Ivan Chase for analyzing social hierarchy and network formation. Based upon algorithms described in Lindquist & Chase, 2009, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology “Data-Based Analysis of Winner-Loser Models of Hierarchy Formation in Animals”. It is available on GitHub.