Maddie Dwortz Awarded “Most Innovative Method”

Our very talented graduate student Maddie Dwortz was awarded “Most Innovative Method”, or more formally known as “Rigor and Experimental Design” when she presented her research in “A novel method to assess volatile chemical signaling in social mice (Mus musculus)” at the Graduate Research Showcase 2023.
We are very proud of her and are excited to see what more she will achieve; Congratulations Maddie!

Arjun Seth Awarded for the Undergraduate Research Fellowship

We are pleased to announce our very own Arjun Seth has been awarded The Undergraduate Research Fellowship (URF) for 2023! This Award provides funds in support for specific scholarly research projects conducted by full-time UT undergraduate students.
We know Arjun has worked very hard for this achievement, and we extend our warmest congratulations to him!!!

Congratulations to The Curley Lab for Receiving Funding from NIH!!

We are delighted to have received funding from the NIH for our R21 grant ‘Neural processing of Status Signals in Social Hierarchies’.